Phone Management System

Isolve phone management software uses A.I., machine learning, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and other technologies to professionally represent your business at all times. All callers will be able, by using their voice only, to quickly and efficiently describe the nature of their call the IVR will then either handle the call from end-to-end or, after gathering all pertinent information, hand the call off to an associate.

The Ultimate Phone Management System

Imagine your callers never getting a busy signal, or being placed on hold for hours. The IVR system answers promptly with a pleasant sounding voice, at the same time giving interactive assistance 24/7.

Instant brief of The caller

Notifies the staff about the caller and provides all the details on the nature of the call.

Efficient handling

Picking the call up with all the knowledge needed to handle the call quickly and efficiently

Easy return to caller

Having the option to return a call so as not to interrupt an interaction with a patient in front of them

Quick & easy questions

Not barraging the new patient with 15 or so questions necessary to onboard a new patient.

Less time spent on the phone

More free time to call uncompleted treatment, present treatment plan options and financing, treatment estimates, follow up on outstanding claims, etc.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response

Other Features
  • Records and digitally archives every call.
  • Linked to practices’ website so potential patients can call any time during the day or night.
  • Confirms caller’s identity and checks PMS to confirms “permission to speak” eligibility.
  • Listens for certain keywords and then decides (based on doctor and standard of care protocols) if the call should be made part of the clinical notes.
  • Maintains patient privacy: caller details and nature of the call appears on the monitor and is not broadcasted by the staff as in
    the case of answering a call live.
  • Capable of speaking and understanding multiple languages.
  • 24 hours text messages to the doctor or person on call for any patient emergencies via a secure portal.
  • HIPPA Compliant
Sample Outbound Call That Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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