Self Service Kiosk

The main objective of the self service kiosk is to simplify the process of registering a new patient. The self service kiosk reduces the time needed to attend each patient when they walk-in to the practice. Patients can now check-in with an existing appointment and register their details with a 2-Step process.

How It Works

Kiosk 1

A 2 step check-in process for the busy practice. The patient walks in to the reception area where he/she will be greeted by a user friendly Kiosk.

Step 1:
  • Patients are asked to fill in their name & birthdate
  • The kiosk sends a notification to the front desk staff
    that indentifies the patient.
  • A notification is also sent to the providers smartwatch,
    either the doctor and assistants, or the hygienist, to let
    them know their patient has arrived.

Kiosk 2

The front desk person then greets the patient and hands them a tablet that is linked to the PMS via a secure transmission system.

Step 2:
  • Verifies patient profile & allows to edit information
  • Displays current health history & medications
  • If required, consent form will be displayed & digitally signed.

Future editions of the kiosk will incorporate facial scanning to identify patients, and let the patients know what procedures will be rendered, the fee, and have the ability to collect co-payment or full payment at this time.

Smartwatch Notification

The clinical staff can now stay on top of their appointments. A notification is sent to the Doctor's smartwatch when their patients check-in at the kiosk. So that they can be ready to receive their next patient.

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